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VGM Forbin President

VGM Group, Inc.
Job Description
As the President of VGM Forbin one must be an influential leader devoted to the objective of making Forbin a recognized producer and thought leader in the web and social media industry. One is responsible for collecting, structuring, managing and prioritizing a wide range of business needs and tasks across the Forbin business unit. This position will take a strategic and service oriented approach.
In alignment with the business model of VGM, the President of Forbin must be committed to successful business partnerships both externally and internally, through a client focused approach to forging deep working relationships with customers, members, vendors, peers and leaders within VGM.
The President supervises all essential activities and day to day operations as directed by the CEO of the VGM Group and the President of Marketing & Shared Services. As a business leader, the President of VGM Forbin must also be focused on producing a positive, growing EBITDAE consistently. This will include making financially minded decisions and matters obligating the Company.
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